Loligo Resort Hua Hin +A Fresh Twist By Let’s Sea

Loligo Resort is named after a local species of squid; a name we chose as a testament to our love of all things beautiful and bright. We’re located at the middle-south of Hua Hin main beach, in a district known for its a lively, local vibe. Within walking distance of the resort, you’ll find a plethora of fashionable restaurants, cafes and bars; as well as local shops and markets, where you can bargain hunt to your heart’s content. Our resort has a uniquely artsy ambiance and offers generously proportioned, elegantly furnished rooms, with balconies that offer sweeping vistas of the sun, sea and sky.

Rooms & Mini Suites

Deluxe Balcony Room
Mini Suite
Mini Suite Garden Balcony
Mini Suite Pool Access Balcony
Mini Suite Sea
Mini Suite Sea & Horizon Balcony
Mini Suite Sea & Horizon Balcony Super King - Corner Room
Two Bedrooms Mini Suites Sea & Horizon Balcony Corner
Two Bedrooms Mini Suite Sea & Horizon Balcony Super King Corner

Restaurant & Bars

Amazing food is one of the highlights of any great vacation. At Loligo we’ve an abundance of alluring enticements to satisfy even the most demanding appetites. From our restaurants and bars, you can choose from a veritable smorgasbord of mouth-watering treats and spectacular cocktails that will tantalize your taste buds from sunup to sundown. As daylight fades and the mood changes, take a short stroll to Let’s Sea, our sister property located right next door, and discover why our pioneering beachfront restaurant has been winning admirers and accolades for twenty+ years

Meetings & Events

Business is business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. At Loligo our corporate function offerings bring together the facilities and amenities to make your meetings and events not just productive but amazingly pleasurable. We’ve fully equipped boardrooms, casual lounge type spaces, and open rooftop areas to cater for all kinds of company events. And when the work is done, we can help coordinate all kinds of creative entertainment options.


At our Blue Coral Spa, we take relaxation very, very seriously. You can enjoy the kind of products, service and standards you’ll find at Let’s Sea (our sister hotel located right next door) but at prices that are competitive with the general day spas you’ll find in the heart of town.
From : 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.

A relaxed beach ambiance with a cool ‘Thai’ vibe

Hua Hin Destination

Just a few hours from Bangkok but with a vibe uniquely its own.
Few places can match the cool, casual charm of Hua Hin. Once a small fishing village and now a thriving resort town, it has somehow retained an authentically local ambiance that typifies what it means to be ‘Thai’.
From riding horses on the beach, to roaming our beautiful national parks, there’s so many possibilities you can explore. With countless cafes, restaurants and bars; not to mention: waterparks, night markets, and even historic royal palaces, you can enjoy all the things you love, in a thousand different ways.


Food & Beverage discount
at Let’s Sea Hua Hin’s Beach Restaurant

Free Bicycle Rental

Life Is Good Package

Sneaky Mission Package

The Hua Hin Escapist

Squid Culture Happy Hours 12noon – 5p.m.​ (Buy 1 Get 2)


Inspired and efficiently managed by Let’s Sea Hua Hin Al Fresco Resort, Loligo’s ecological concerns are built into the fabric of our resort with energy efficient architecture and al fresco facilities that take full advantage of natural light and cooling sea breezes.

H2 - Healthier & Happier

We’re classed as a 4-Star hotel, but we’ve a 5-star attitude to health and hygiene, and leave no stone unturned, to ensure no surface is left uncurbed.