Hua Hin Destination

Once your Thailand trip is for more Thainess exploring, Hua Hin is ‘Thai Authentic Beach’, where local life and visitor’s life lovely blend while the beach can be enjoyed peaceful and romantic especially during weekdays. More lively during weekends especially in restaurants, bars, and weekend night markets at our main entrance (400 metres on foot) - Easy access from Bangkok by car, public bus, or train, most importantly without another connecting flight after you arrive in Thailand.

Fisherman Village and “Khao Takieb” (Monkey Mountain)

We’re part of the local community, many of our staff grew up in the neighbourhood. Khun Thawee, our security officer still lives in Khao Takiab village, a small fishing community very close to the resort. It’s a great place to get a feel for the local lifestyle and even listen to exciting legends and stories. There are over 100 fishing boats that still make a living out on the water. At night you’ll see the horizon lit up with green lights from squid fishing boats. Morning is a great time to visit the village, when the fishing boats return to shore with their catch of fresh fish and crabs.

Blue Crab Back to The Sea

Why not join in with our conservation efforts? Hua Hin’s Blue Crab project helps safeguard young crabs from over-fishing. The project is centred at Bahn Khao Takiab about 1.5km from the resort. Visitors are invited to mark a crab shell with a special blue ink that naturally fades as the crab reaches maturity. Write your own name or chose a nickname for your crab. If the crab is caught, the local fishermen know to return the crab to the sea, to help ensure healthy stocks.

Local Thai Breakfast

Khun Mod, our food stylist knows a thing or two about good food. She takes inspiration from local delicacies and knows where all the best food spots can be found. Food is very important to us at the resort, not least breakfast. And to show we mean business; we now offer a guided tour of the best local breakfast spots. It’s a great way to start the day and the perfect introduction to some traditional Thai breakfast offerings.
Please contact one of our Holiday Hosts for more details.

The Royal Klai Kang Won Summer Palace

Khun Pae, Head of Property Management, loves jogging and his favourite spot for exercise is in front of ‘Klai Kang Won’ Palace. The palace, built by King Rama VII, is still used by the Royal Family, and was a favourite retreat of sadly missed King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX). The property was constructed in the late 1920s and designed to mirror the European style of that era. The name can be translated as ‘far from worry’. During your visit you’re welcome to take a little light exercise in the garden. You might even see Khun Pae enjoying a workout.

Hua Hin Railway Station

Khun Krapao, one of our Supply Chain Management team members, is a Hua Hin local and a local history expert. Hua Hin has a number of historic places of interest but perhaps most notable is the old train station. Although a new station has recently been completed, the original station building has been preserved and is well worth a visit. King Rama V conceived the idea of opening up Hua Hin as a resort destination, with a new train line to encourage travel. The original station was completed under the reign of King Rama VI, quickly becoming an iconic town landmark.

Pa-La-U Waterfall

Pa-La-U Waterfall is an area of astonishing natural splendour. Not just for the waterfall itself, but for the beautiful scenery you’ll pass en-route. The waterfall itself is a fifteen-tier cascade and one of the highest in Thailand. In the basin of the third tier there’s a large pool offering a wonderful opportunity to cool off. The surrounding forest provides a habitat for many animal species; it’s not unusual to hear gibbons howling from the treetops. According to Khun Pompam, one of our Beauty Consultants, it’s the perfect location to ‘up’ your selfie skills.

Royal Hua Hin Golf Course

Khun Chusak, our General Manager, is no stranger to golf and no stranger to the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course. Built in 1924 the course was the very first to be built in Thailand. Set among rolling coastal hills, it’s a blissful place for true golfing aficionados. A notable spot is on the 14th, offering an exotic glimpse of a Buddhist temple halfway up a densely wooded slope.
Of course, Hua Hin has many other world-class golf courses, many of which are located just a short drive from Let’s Sea. The greens are very well maintained and the local staff are very helpful. Some of the courses are situated right next to the sea and some located to the west of the city, nestled among pineapple farms and tree covered hills - whichever you opt for you’re guaranteed a great day’s golf.

(Hua Hin Weekend Night Market)

Cicada Weekend Market is a relatively new destination in Hua Hin and is located close to the hotel. Open from 5 p.m. – 11 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights it’s a place you really shouldn’t miss.
Khun Eve, our Senior Happily Refuel Members, is a regular visitor and loves browsing for local souvenirs and sometimes catching performances from local artists and entertainers. The market has a wonderful arts and crafts feel and is a great place to enjoy a few local snacks.

Sam Roi Yod National Park

Khun Somyos, our Bar Supervisor, loves a good atmosphere, but he makes time for peace and solitude. Away from the resort he loves to spend time in areas of outstanding natural beauty like Sam Roi Yod National Park.
Sam Roi Yod (Three hundred peaks) is a quietly spectacular national park located about 30 minutes’ drive south of Hua Hin. The park covers 24,500 acres and includes marshlands that support a wide variety of waterfowl. In the mangrove swamps you can find fiddler crabs, and mudskipper fish that happily wander about on the mud banks. The picturesque “Klaong Daeng” (Daeng Canal); the Kissing Mountains of“Koh Phai” as wel as the famous Phraya Nakhon Cave, with its pavilion dedicated to King Rama V, is also located within the park.